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Icône flèche vers le haut.
Logo Café Saint Julien.
Icône flèche vers le bas.

Café Saint Julien

Transformation of a historic Breton restaurant into a new trendy location with an off-the-wall atmosphere.


An atmosphere that uses the brand’s codes, immersing internet users in the history and origins of its unique, flavour-rich products.


To accompany this invitation to savour delicious food and drink, we synchronized the appearance of all parts of the site, to better tell the story of Balbine cocktails.

Café Saint Julien.

Standing out through authenticity

A graphic identity must be recognizable, visible from far away and able to be used on lots of different media. This builds and reinforces the brand, especially when the brand is new.

For this client, we designed various ‘seals’ which can be easily incorporated into all of their printed elements, such as business cards, menus, table sets and signage.

Café Saint Julien.Café Saint Julien.

To pay tribute to the region of France, we took inspiration from our grandmothers’ recipe books to create illustrations that echo traditional engraving techniques.

Café Saint Julien.Café Saint Julien.Café Saint Julien.Café Saint Julien.

Consultancy strategy

This is the story of a restaurant, in a town in Morbihan, France, which wanted to reinvent itself after a number of difficult years. We immediately bonded with the restaurant’s founder, Sébastien, because of his passionate and dedicated nature. His team is his family and he is committed to pushing his concept as far as it can go. Together, we transformed the La Marée restaurant into Café Saint Julien. Every detail was carefully thought through, from the chic, vintage atmosphere to the unusual signage, and the character of the menu, presented on a vinyl. Right down to the embroidered aprons!

Consultancy goes further than the hook phase or the creation of designs. In this case, it was about supporting a man and his family in his wild endeavour to start completely anew, bringing with him his clientèle and new dishes. The bet paid off as soon as the restaurant reopened, with double the covers day and night. As we go to print under lockdown conditions, we are once again helping him set up an online collection service and enabling him to continue offering food lovers in Muzillac delicious cuisine.

Café Saint Julien.

The key to any signage is for it to be visible a distance, recognizable and clear. The meaning and objective must be clear.

Café Saint Julien.

The agency’s idea? Rather than creating a brochure to be left in a corner, we designed a “vintage” postcard to promote the brand - an advertising tool that never fails to be of use.

Café Saint Julien.
Logo Ponchielli.

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